About Us

We create experiences designed to develop, energise and inspire teams. So, you’ll see high performances maintained while your team enjoys fun-filled experiences they will never forget. We offer tailored sport-specific team building packages for teams whose ambition matches their potential to achieve success. Our packages will mould closer on-and-off field relationships, with liberal helpings of fun and laughter mixed in to guarantee life-long memories.

Our Ethos

At On The Ball Team Building, we believe that having fun as a team is an essential element for any sports team. Therefore, your team will be encouraged to have barrels of fun while competing in a variety of challenges that unite individuals, bolster morale and create a ‘team’ mentality. We can tailor our packages to suit your needs, ensuring the day is not only challenging and morale lifting for your team but also enjoyable and fun.

Digital Detox

Digital detoxing is at the core of what we are about at On The Ball Team Building. Team members will hand over their phones at the beginning of the event and will get them back once it is completed. The purpose of this is simple: to facilitate individual interaction. If team members cannot communicate—regardless of being young or old—what chance have they in achieving their collective goal? The ability to obtain reassurance from a device is removed, facilitating communication, something which is vital to any team.

Who do we cater for?

On The Ball Team Building caters for all adult team sports (18+) in the following sports:

- Gaelic Football
- Hurling
- Camogie
- Basketball
- Rugby
- Soccer
- American Football
- Hockey

What Levels?

- Club
- County
- Universities
- Schools
- Seniors, Intermediate, Junior
- Male/Female Teams
- Teams from all over Ireland, England, Europe, USA and further afield.

What do we do?

- Organise your accommodation, meals and socialising

- Hire out GAA pitch and hall facilities on your behalf

- Organise a coaching session with a high-profile player and/or coach.

- Host motivational talks focusing on mindset and perseverance from high profile athletes

- Organise team building activities for the group

- Offer a range of other specialised services, if required, such as: Massage Therapy, Nutritional advice, Sports Psychology, Strength & Conditioning, Goalkeeping coaching, Circuit training and a Cultural workshop (please note some services will result in pack price increasing)

- Plan your weekend – no matter how big or how small - from start to finish.

What time of the year should you go away?

It all depends on the needs of your team:

- Pre-season to kick-start the New Year ahead.
- Just before championship to focus the mind and gain momentum.
- End of season - to finish the year on a high, building towards the next.

Why us?

Tailored packages to suit your needs

Fun and exhilarating team bonding

Amazing value

Training session from All Ireland winning players/highly successful coaches

Located in Kerry—the home of Gaelic football

Motivational talks from highly successful athletes

On the Ball Team Building Media Launch
with sports stars Daniel Flynn & Cathal Barrett!