Dingle town is the heartbeat of the peninsula. Bounded on three sides by the sea, it combines in its landscape the ruggedness of rocky outcrops and cliffs with the soft shapes of hills and mountains, skirted by coastal lowlands. Tourism, fishing and agriculture form the core of its principal industries. Dingle is a prosperous town that is complete with a wide variation of shops, attractive restaurants, unique pubs and ancient structures. In a town of approximately 2000 people, there are 32 local pubs each with a unique and particular style. Dingle is also the home of the famous bottled nose dolphin Fungi. Having came to the town in 1983, he has been an essential figure in the growth of the town. Fungi is known for his interaction with swimmers, divers, kayakers and suffers. Contrary to other dolphins, he seeks out human interaction and spends his day swimming with the local boats many of which are carrying tourists.

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